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Board 2014–2017


Heiskanen Kristian

Vice Chair

Terimaa Kai


Björkell Martin 
Granell Kenneth 
Kettunen Markku
Kosonen Kari
Ulf-Peter Lindström
Lunkka Santeri 
Mäkelä Matleena
Palmu Heli
Riikonen Jukka
Seligson Niclas  
Stenbäck Dan
Tauriainen Heidi
Tuomi Juha


The board has at least ten and at most 24 members depending on the number of members paying for full membership in the union (one board member per each hundred members paying for full membership).

Preparing a list of candidates for the board elections in election years requires at least ten full members. Board members are elected from the proposed candidates in a postal ballot. Each member may cast a vote for four of the proposed candidates. The votes are counted according to the principle of proportionate representation. Anyone with full membership may stand as a candidate.

The actual member association may propose its own candidates, one candidate per each fifty members of the association.

The board makes the decision on the union's activities between annual meetings. The board appoints a chair and a vice chair from among its members, and these persons are in charge of facilitating the board's meetings.

Board 2016

BM 1, 23/03/2016
BM 2, 31/05/2016
BM 3, 13/09/2016

Board 2015

BM 1, 12/03/2015
BM 2, 17/03/2015
BM 3, 28/05/2015
BM 4, 15/09/2015
BM 5, 28/10/2015
BM 6, 25/11/2015
BM 7, 14/12/2015